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    Welcome to the official Division 12 East website!

    We are a part of Region 17 in the California-Nevada-Hawaii Key Club district and consist of schools in San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont, and Union City.


    Mascot: Superheroes

    Division Colors: Blue & Gold


    Schools & their Mascots:

    American - The Flash

    Independence - Captain America

    Irvington - Superman

    James Logan - Spiderman

    John F. Kennedy - Danny Phantom

    KIPP San Jose - Powerpuff Girls

    Milpitas - Batman

    Mission San Jose - Green Lantern

    Piedmont Hills - Iron Man

    San Jose High - Stitch

    Washington - Baymax


    Last updated: 04.09.16


    Get ready for an awesome year of superhero spirit and service!

    Be sure to give a warm welcome to YOUR new Lieutenant Governor Elect, KAILEE TANAKA!

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    On October 8th, Division 12 East was just 10 clubs. On October 9th, our Superhero Ohana grew even bigger.

    Welcome to the family, Kennedy Key Club. 


    Mascot: Danny Phantom






    Presenting our D12E drawstring bag design! Now you have a D12E bag to hold all of your belongs at service events, FRN, DCON, and maybe (yes) EVEN YOUR WEDDING!!



    Superhero Point System 

    Want to get involved in the division and be rewarded at the same time? Take a look at the superhero point system and earn points for your home club! The club with the most points will win a surPRIZE at the end of the term!



    How can I earn points for my club?


    Take a look at the flyer to the left!


    Where can I find the email challenges/tasks?

    After Lt. Governor Joceline sends out division updates, she'll sometimes ask for a response to a certain question. Simply just send her an email with your name, school, and response! If you really want your club to rack up on points, tell your friends and other members to submit responses as well.

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    How can I see which clubs are in the lead?

    Check the monthly division newsletter to see which top three clubs have the most points!



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    We let the results speak for themselves.

    These numbers prove that we are making an impact in our community, one small step at a time.


    Members in our Superhero Ohana

    $2,934.83 / $3,000

    Raised for the Pediatric Trauma Program

    20,164/ 15,000

    Hours Served in our Community

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    Passionate about not only service, but also spirit.


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    2015 - 2016

    Joceline Yu

    Lieutenant Governor

    Email: d12e.ltg.cnhkc@gmail.com


    Hey Key Clubbers! How do you feel?!


    My name is Joceline Yu and I am proud, honored and thrilled to serve the Division 12 East Superheroes! I am a current junior at Independence High School in San Jose, California. I LOVE Italian food, Kate Spade New York, and vanilla bean gelato. I am a huge fan of various television shows, including The Office, New Girl, and Parks and Recreation. And of course, my favorite superheroes include The Flash, Captain America, and Oliver Queen from Arrow! 


    As for my Key Club journey? Absolutely rewarding. When I first joined the club as a freshman, I was so inspired by everyone's passion and spirit for service. Serving Independence KC as a freshman class director and then vice president further developed my leadership skills and nurtured my love and dedication for this organization. I hope to inspire this same love for Key Club in others! As D12E's Lieutenant Governor, I am so excited to serve as the link among our 11 schools as well as between our division and the Cali-Nev-Ha district. I'll see you around, whether it be at a club meeting, service event or DCM!

    Fendy Gao

    Executive Assistant

    Email: d12e.ea@gmail.com


    Hey superheroes! My name is Fendy Gao, I'm a junior at Mission San Jose High School, and I'm super excited to serve as your Division Executive Assistant! I joined Key Club two years ago and the journey has been rewarding every step of the way. I love Key Club for not only giving back to the community, but for also providing countless opportunities for me to meet new people and to develop as a student and citizen, and I'm always impressed by the synergy the members have. 


    I am a contemporary dancer, and in my spare time, I love to read and watch Cold Case. I'm very optimistic and approachable, so don't ever hesitate to contact me or to just say hi. I'm excited to see what we can accomplish in the next year!

    Allan Zhao

    Division Secretary

    Email: d12e.sec@gmail.com 


    Hi y’all! My name is Allan, and I’m so honored to be your Division Secretary for this year! I’m currently a junior at Milpitas High School. When I joined Key Club in my freshman year, I was extremely intimidated by everything, especially service. Since then, Key Club has helped me grow out of my shell and help me become a superhero for service! If you find me on any other day, I’ll probably be either sleeping, eating, or playing music. I’m excited to see what Key-nections we can make this year!

    Brian Wu

    Division News Editor



    Hey guys! I'm Brian Wu, and I'm a Junior attending Mission San Jose High School. I'm extremely excited to serve Division 12 East this year, and I can't wait to see what we'll accomplish this year. I love photography and graphic design, and I spend a lot of my free time doing stuff related to these two subjects for fun. If I'm not taking pictures or designing flyers, you can probably find me either practicing piano, playing with my dog, or hanging out with my friends. I joined Key Club as a confused freshman; at the time, I wasn't quite sure what all the fuss over the club was about. However, I fell in love with Key Club's devotion to service and I discovered a love for giving back to the community. Through Key Club, I discovered that high-school students really can make a difference in their communities. Additionally, working on my school's Key Club officer team has fostered my leadership skills and has allowed me to become elected as an officer of my class. Ultimately, I hope that I'll meet new people, learn new ways of helping my community, and inspire those around me to give back and make a difference in the world.


    Albert Huang

    American Key Club President

    Email: albert168@gmail.com 


    Hi I'm Albert Huang and I go to American High School. I'm currently a junior, wishing summer would come faster. My hobbies are swimming, running, and going on adventures with my friends. I think of myself as a very dedicated and hard worker but also someone who is carefree and easily amused. I joined Key Club because I wanted to be active in my community and be a part of something greater, something that makes a difference in our world.
    I'm excited to meet all of you this year and hopefully we'll make some great memories!

    Maybe the next few Presidents have much more interesting things to say :)


    Khanh Dang

    Independence Key Club President

    Email: khanhdang9877@gmail.com


    Hi lovelies! My name is KHANH Dang and I am proud to be standing as the 2015-2016 Independence Key Club President! I am so much more than just simply excited to be serving such an honorable, positively impactful organization like Key. So a few things about myself: In my free time you can usually find me studying or volunteering! I love spreading positivity, making people smile, as well as making new friends(AKA MAKING KEYNECTIONS) so please say hi to me when you see me hehe! I KHANH't wait to create a positive impact on this world along with all of you BEE-U-TIFUL souls!


    Kailee Tanaka

    Irvington Key Club President

    Email: klvtanaka@gmail.com


    Yoyoyo superheroes! :) My name is Kailee Tanaka and I'm currently a junior who is very excited to serve Irvington as their 2015-2016 Key Club President. My officer board and I are working really hard to bring back the Irvington Vikings to this super awesome Key Club family!!! I initially joined this club in order to quickly complete my required service hours, but I fell in love with the community and haven't been able to stay away since then. Outside of Key Club, you can find me playing sports (where you at sleep-deprived athlete fam) and watching hedgehog/puppy videos on youtube while I try to fix my sleeping schedule. I don't know how to survive junior year and at this point I'm too afraid to ask (if you got that reference I love you). I've been described as a 5'0" bundle of bad jokes and fun facts (they take up the space in my brain that I should have for SAT vocab), so be prepared for that when I meet you all!


    Liberty Onia

    James Logan Key Club President

    Email: jlibertyonia@gmail.com


    Hello everyone, my name is Liberty Onia and I'm from James Logan High School! (Go Colts!) I enjoy taking long walks on the beach, looking thoughtfully through windows, and celebrating birthdays. Other than being a proud Key Clubber, I am also a part of my ASB Office and Wind Ensemble! I understand that Logan's Key Club has just been rechartered, but I have high hopes for its future. I can't wait for what this year has to offer for Key Club! Let's kick butt, guys! :-)


    Andrew Chen

    John F. Kennedy Key Club President

    Email: andrewcheng105@yahoo.com 


    1-800Andrew Bling Hey Eastside Heroes! My name is Andrew C. and I am very proud to serve my first and last year as president of JFK's 2015-2016 Key Club! Currently I am a senior attending John F. Kennedy High School trying not to catch senioritis. I am known to put the BAD in Badminton (jk im decent, I hope) and to have a milk tea obsession which at this point i think my bloodstream is 99.9% milk tea. What got me into Key??? I initially learned about Key club back in 2009 due to my brother being in Irvington's Key Club and seeing the impact they made pushed me to charter and become a key clubber! I look forward to meeting all of you in the future and I hope that we can unlock new doors together!!

    Minna Trinh

    KIPP San Jose Collegiate Key Club President

    Email: minna.trinh@kippbastudent.org 


    Hi! My name is Minna Trinh and I am an incoming Senior and President at Kipp San Jose Key Club. ^_^ Throughout my 3 years in Key Club so far, I fell in love with it and the people in it (you guys!!!) Just to share a little about me: I love doing service (ofc!), playing basketball, reading for fun, going on nature walks, and going on photo shoots! I also love meeting new people so if you ever see me around, don't be afraid to say hi! A fun fact about me is that I was born on St. Patrick's Day so you can say I'm pretty lucky!! My favorite key club event that transformed me completely was Kiwanis One Day. I have attended 3 years in a row, and every year was better than the last. :-) Anyway, I'm going to cut it here! D12E is the best! <3 #d12e #ohana 


    Anna Chiang

    Milpitas Key Club President

    Email: annat.chiang@gmail.com


    Hello guys! My name is Anna, and I'm from Milpitas High. I joined Key Club at first to do some community service, but I grew to love it and see it as much more than just community service and, here I am! In my free time I enjoy biking, dancing, and watching funny baby or dog videos. I love meeting people, so please come by and say hi. I promise I don't bite!


    Jennifer Dutra

    Mission San Jose Key Club President

    Email: jennifurrdutra@gmail.com 


    I'm a photographer, graphic designer, foodie, and Key Club enthusiast! Three years ago I joined Key Club because of my passion for leadership and service, and I stayed for all the amazing key clubbers I have met. Travel is my source of inspiration and I'm always open to trying new things. I love peppermint tea, the beach, Ed Sheeran, and of course...D12E!


    Lucy Thai

    Piedmont Hills Key Club President

    Email: lucy.says.hi@gmail.com


    Hello heroes! I'm Lucy Thai AKA Ironladylucy and I’m bee-yond excited to serve you all this term! I absolutely adore Key Club as well as friends, service, passion, unskilled dancing and lame puns so Key Club is like the best of all worlds. Why am I so Keyrazy? Though I started off slow in Key Club, when I really started to put myself into it, Key has opened SO many opportunities up to me. I cannot stress enough how much Key has helped me grow and learn and I hope as a part of the Division Leadership Team, I can help you all have the same AMAZING experience that I've had! Throwing my weak-willed, wallflower freshmen self into this world of crazy, passionate, spirited but caring Key Clubbers has been the best decision I've ever made.



    Aside from this, there’s this thing in Key Club called “Key Moments," which are moments of revelation or sparks that really build your love for Key. Though I have had a lot now, one I want to share with you all is from DCON: our IP District Secretary had said, “We are literally changing the statistics,” and we are. From our years of work on the Eliminate Project, we have changed the number of deaths from MNT from a death every 9 minutes to a death every 11. It is only 2 minutes, but it is also over 10,000 lives saved a year. If there’s anything I can say about why I love Key Club, it’s that it profoundly impacts the lives on this planet.


    On a less serious note, Studio Ghibli, my toddler nieces and tub of lard little sister, pets and smiles from others make me smile! Lots of love heroes and let’s be friends!

    Hanaan Osman

    San Jose High Key Club President

    Email: hanaanosman94@gmail.com 


    Hello! Some quick fun facts about me is that I'm totally obsessed with Criminal Minds, am a coffee-addict, and love going on bike rides. I first joined Key Club in the beginning of my freshmen year because my sister encouraged me to do so. Almost three years later and not once have I regretted that decision! I'm pretty open and friendly, so feel free to contact me if you ever need to. I'm looking forward to working with all your lovely faces!


    Priscila Aoki

    Washington Key Club President

    Email: priscila.aoki@yahoo.com


    I joined Key Club as a freshman just trying to get her 40 hours of community service done and I ended up falling in love with the community and mission involved. I enjoy running and anything involved with dogs especially puppies.


  • What is Key Club?

    Everything you need to know about our organization and more.

    Key Club International is the oldest and largest student-led service organization in the world. We have over 260,000 members in 30 countries across the globe.


    The Key Club Pledge:

    I pledge, on my honor, to uphold the objects of Key Club International;

    to build my home, school and community;

    to serve my nation and God;

    and combat all forces which tend to undermine these institutions.


    Our Mission Statement:

    Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.


    Our Motto:

    Caring - our way of life.


    Our Core Values:

    Leadership, Character-building, Inclusiveness, & Caring.


    Key Club International consists of 33 Districts.

    Division 12 East is a part of the California-Nevada-Hawaii district.

    The CNH District consists of 73 divisions spread out among the states of California, Nevada, and Hawaii. We are the largest district with over 45,000 members.


    We'd love to hear from you. 

    Feel free to leave any questions or comments! 



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